I call this piece "Me". i call this piece Me because it represents me the most. It is a piece that is about me and what i love. I made this by carving it out from linoleum. First i drew the picture on a piece of paper then i traced it with tracing paper. After that, I transfered the tracing onto the piece of 6x6 linoleum. i carved the picture out with different sizes of linoleum carving tools. some were thick and some were thin. in this piece, you see in the background is a tiger print, but since it is in black and white, it looks more like a zebra print. the tiger print means that i love tigers and how beautiful they are.  the one with the scratches on it is a silhouette outline of a dogs head. this tells people that i have a love and passion for dogs. they are my favorite animal. finally, that odd looking thing in the center of the dog's head is my last name in chinese. this means that my family is very important to me and they mean everything to me. this chinese character means "Lee" in english and Lee is my last name and it was my ancestor's last name for thousands and thousands of years.