What I Did in Merdian Gallery

                      On the first day of Meridian Gallery, I came in pretty early, and introduced myself to the co-workers.  After a good twenty-five minutes, work started. Nancy, the coordinator, told us, the interns, what the rules were. On the second day, we went upstairs to see the co-workers' inspirations and work of art. After that, we went downstairs and took a fifteen minute snack break. Then in the last fifteen minutes, we cleaned up, and went home. On the third day, which is today, we first finished our time sheets, and turned them in to one of the staffs.

                        After that, we drew still life of what we saw in the studio into our notebooks using charcoal. Finally, we did blind contour by drawing the person/object without looking at the paper, and not lifting the pencil. I felt that after doing blind contour, it was pretty difficult drawing the person/object at the correct place piece by piece. When I looked at the results, it was not what I wanted the drawing to look like. I also want to mention that Nancy went over a rule that no discrimination is allowed.

                                                                                                         - Chau Truong