This is the first day of the second week of our Summer Internship at Meridian Gallery.  Today we made our very own emblems.  An emblem is a symbol that represents oneself, like a sign or flag.  To me, an emblem represents the different aspects of my life in one picture.  We looked through magazines to find pictures that we thought represented our own personality and interests to make a collage.  I added the most important items that would define me, like a house, an animal, and other unique things that show who I am. Then we picked the most important things to put on our emblem which we would carve into linoleum later on to make into a print.  Written By Michelle Y.

Emblems are symbols that represent a group , person , games , shoes , clothing , anything really . I think emblems are who you are , like a code , a dog tag . My emblem represents my life , what i like to do , what i want to do . It represent me and my hobbies. I made my emblem to show a little of what goes on in my head . Heres a link for an example .... Zejon Washington