What do you think about this painting? How does it make you feel? Why does it make you feel this way? This painting is called, "Awakenings" by Samm Cohen. When i first came upon this painting I was very confused as to why it was called , "Awakenings." In my opinion the thought of an awakening is very hopeful and optimistic, but when I look at this painting all I see is despair and depression. It's very funny how controversial a painting can really be. Cohen's use of backround in this picture makes you create the content of the painting on your own. The figure can be sitting in a corner or a closet hiding from an enemy, as well as sitting along side a riverbank loosing all hope.The figures body language leads me to believe that it is vulnerable. Either way, an awakening is the last thing that comes to mind. Another controversial issue with this painting is whether or not the figure is male or female. The shape of the body and the way the knees are covering the chest lead me to believe it was a female, but the gender of the figure is not clearly stated. One of the very first questions that pop into my mind is, what inspired Cohen to paint something that represents such sorrow...or in his opinion hope. The only person who can really know what this painting represents is Samm Cohen himself. No one can fully understand the complexity of another individuals mind. I guess that is what makes art so interesting!

Article Written By: Chelsea Davis