Georgia O' Keefe
Other people paint of scenery, portraits, and stuff like that, but Georgia O' Keefe is different. She paints flowers, ones that are big, bold, and beautiful. People in the cities are always busy and how likely will they have a chance to stop by and really take a closer look at the rose hinged on the sidewalk? Probably unlikely, but Georgia O' Keefe pays close attention to the flowers. She really portrays every detail and color well with every stroke. She dosent paint what she sees on the outside, but she really dives into the flower and explore the interior.

As you can see her flowers are usually big and fills up the whole page. I like how the painting is not really defined because a flower is never the same shape, they transition all the time, whether from the wind or rainfall.This is probably one of my favorite pieces from her.It's not like the typical spring flower, bright and happy, but dark and depressed. However, there's something about the darkness that's really beautiful. It might be dark on the outside but inside it almost seems extraterrestrial.It makes me feel of another world inside a flower that we never sighted. Like some aliens landed inside the flower.Overall i really admire her dedication to flowers and how she could make something dark this beautiful. Georgia O' keefe inspired me to take a break every once in a while just to notice the things around me with more than a general eye.

Christine Van