~ Body Modification IS Art ~

I think piercings, tattoos, and making your hair different styles or colors is a type of art. People express their artisitic talents in many ways; including music and writing. I believe anything can be a form of art that is a hobby, including cooking. Cooking is something that u can use to create foods and make them your own unique idea. You can make everything you create unique and individual. This goes for people as well; when they create and change themselves to look like an unique inividual. Body modification means you are changing your appearance, and for many, this is a hobby. A hobby to look different makes people feel good about themselves and they get a rush from changing their style or getting new body "bling" or "tatts". It is easy o change your hair as well because it is very versitile. People use colors from all the shades of the rainbow to make their hair stand out, while they can also use different haircuts to look "hip".People can also do this by wearing clothes that stand out. This is a simple way of changing your look. Many common people, and even celebrities wear crazy outfits, such as Lady GaGa. I believe many people look up to people that express their unique styles, while others think it is odd. I think its a great type of art and it lets people express themselves not just from the inside, but from the outside too. - Brianne