Annonymous Front YBCA - 1/26/12

There was a performance at Yerba Buena Center for the Art. The piece was a sound piece with instruments, a video, and movements. The act had five performers and it started with one of them in a pile of shredded paper doing weird gestures. The next thing that really started the performance when one of the performer with shredded paper walked into a small room with the audience and started to make inhuman noises. Soon two more performers joined in and made tons of different sounds including bird noises, breathing noises, and tongue clicking sounds, etc. Soon one performer left and played the bass and it was just two moving performers throughout the art piece. The video was about people that were blind how hard their lives were. I thought the play had something to do with people that were blind and echolocation. There was also an art piece in the room that was half of a hexagon shape with five objects in the shape of a human head. The performance lasted about 90 minutes and my favorite part was when all the actors stopped making noises and calmed down, when the show ended it reminded me of a horror movie because horror movies "never" end happily.