Ancient Egypt mythology

Ancient Egyptian mythology really attracts me. It is all about the imagination on our afterlife and how can we have after life. The almighty god of Egypt that created human beings, the beautiful world, all the living things and non living things in the world is Khnum, he is also created Ka and Ba, who are the soul and spirit of a human. Ka is a human’s double. It appears when a human approaches the death and also help people living and eating at the after live. Ba Is the spirit of a human, it has a bird’s lower body and a human face. It can fly out side the tomb and looking around the world when the human dead. Anubis is the most important god in Ancient Egypt. Anubis is a jackal-head god of mummification. Once finished mummification finished, the dead can keep Ka and Ba. The dead god is Orisis, who was a princess was killed by an evil empire, and amputated into pieces, but his sister got all his limbs back and restored him, he reincarnated and became the first dead god, control the death. Every king want to join in Osiris, but just mummification isn’t enough, they have to pass the test, their heart have to be lighter than a piece of feather, if their heart is lighter than a feather, which means they have no sin, if not, they would be killed by a devourer, an ugly monster, everybody would like to believe they would join Osiris, but for now, we all know, it is just myth.

- 欧阳晨星 chenxingouyang ALex