Panda's Tail, What Color?

Are you surprised when you see this topic? Random? I know.
Currently we have a project in progress and it's on stop motion.
The Panda is one of our main characters. We used a Tyvex suit as a prop for the Panda.
The Tyvex suit is all white, so we decided to paint it. When we got to the tail, we had a debate on "What color is the Panda's tail?" Some said "It's white!", and others said "It's Black!"
Since we had different opinions, we decided to research online. The result online is relevant to our answers. So, we decided to have a white panda tail at the end. We believe that some Panda's have black tail and some have white tail. It's just like us, human, we all have a unique characteristic and appearance. So, what do you think? Is the Panda's tail black or white?

Jun Xue on Friday 2/18/11

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