What message appears in your mind when you see this picture? Will you think this cup of water is half full or half empty? Personally, I think it's neither half full or half empty. I'm saying this because I believe everyone has their own view toward things in this world. It is believed that being Optimistic(meaning if you think this cup is half full) means you are being open minded toward life. On the other hand, if you believe it's Pessimistic(meaning if you think this cup is half empty), it means that you think life is sad. Therefore, a philosophical question is developed. "Is the glass half empty or half full?" Do you believe this philosophy? Or how do you think about it?
I think this philosophical question is the most marvelous philosophical statement out of all the others. It is similar to "Did the egg or the Chicken come first?" Do you agree?
Can you think of any other statements? I think all these statements will never have a correct answer to it because everyone has their own point of views and opinions. This is how the world is, there is never a correct answer for everything.

Posted by Jun Xue 02.08.11