My Last Day

In the Interns Program we have been exercising our hearing and our drawing. Some hearing activities we have been doing are going to different locations and listening to our surrounding. Almost everyday we have 5 minutes of listening and of silence. We also make music out of regular household items. We have also learned how to draw contour and gesture drawings. Contour is a way of drawing something but just by outlining and a lot of detail like most artworks, but gesture drawings the opposite its more simple and does not have detail.
I have been working in the interns program for 3 weeks and its been really fun. I have learned more stuff about art and I have recognized that hearing is very important. I really do not listening to my surroundings but if you just take time to listen you will notice that there are many sounds. Today is my last day because I am going to Peru for a family emergency. I have really enjoyed being here and hopefully i will get a chance to participate in the fall.