Eco Art

Every year Meridian Interns makes a project to enter in the De Young at Art contest. This year, we decided to put our focus on eco and fiber art to create something beautiful from items that was no longer useful to people. Our instructors collected plastic bags and cut them up for us to knit. Everyone knitted something, whether it was big or small, all interns participated. Now, we are putting together a bird out of all the pieces of knitted plastic.
Eco art is a beautiful thing because you're putting an emphasis on how everything can be made into art. There are many eco artists due to the fact that everyone is aiming to go green. In Vietnam, you can find mini motorbikes, hats, and other things made out of recycles soda cans sold on the sidewalks, like this:

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Here is an image of a beautiful corset made out of satin and soda can pull tabs.

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But you can make art out of other things too, for example:

this dog was created from used toys that we usually throw out, more info on:

Eco art is not just another approach to art, but also a way to spread the message of recycling to viewers. This goes to show that anything can be made into art with a bit of effort and creativity.

By: Julia Ngo